Thursday, June 18, 2009

New This Week: June 15-20th, 2009

We've been lucky this week to find two pristine classic Nikon cameras: a late-model F Photomic, and a very nice example of the great F2.

Our Nikon F Photomic is a 1971 model, built 12 years into the F's remarkably long production run. Solid and versatile, the F was the de facto professional standard for years- until it was succeeded in 1972 by the F2. Our example is in excellent cosmetic shape, with a fully tested and accurate shutter and meter. It's priced at $349.

The Nikon F2 was a conservative evolution of the F, but managed to improve upon it in nearly every way. More heavily built, with a wider range of shutter speeds, and an even more extensive system of accessories, the F2 is still one of Nikon's finest and most usable SLRs. Our example is in great shape, cosmetically and mechanically, and includes a 50mm f2 Nikkor lens in similar shape. It's available now for $379.
This 35mm f2 Super-Takumar lens is another new arrival. Heavily built, with a huge front element, this lens looks great and takes lovely pictures. Like any M42 screw-mount lens, this 35mm f2 Super-Takumar can be used on the original Pentax Spotmatic and S-series cameras, as well as on any K-mount or EOS-mount camera- film or digital- with an inexpensive adapter (not included). This is an uncommon lens, and likely won't stick around too long. Available now for $249.
Finally, my favourite "toy" camera to come along in some time, the Golden Half is back in stock. Tiny and remarkably solid, the Golden Half is a plastic half-frame camera with fixed focus, adjustable aperture, and a side-mounted flash shoe. It's a lot smaller than you'd think, and a whole lot of fun to use. Half-frame shooting means that you double the number of pictures you can take per roll, saving on film and creating cool diptychs when you print the images together:

The Golden Half is in stock at $69, including a roll of colour film.

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